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The Grand Hotel Beijing (Beijing Guibinlou Fandian),  a magnificent palace converted into a five-star hotel,  is located on a small street and almost appears from nowhere as you drive towards it. The building's traditional sweeps and dragon's tails contrast dramatically with the modern design trends sweeping the rest of Beijing.

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  • balbc
    Value for money is very good!
  • milburn
    15-minute walk to Tiananmen Square, Wangfujing ten minutes around eating easy to spend thriftly or lavishly, convenient Metro bus to the scenic area.
  • angela821128
    Nice hotel, convenient location, next to the Wangfujing Street, a few minutes distance away from Tiananmen Square, next to, and select
  • pawamaba
    Beijing has lived here, OK
  • e00011949
    Get the old also. I used to go to dinner, now seemed to have closed the restaurant.
  • dingdang1999
    Nice, nice
  • CJJ0220
    In Chang an avenue and Wangfujing pedestrian street next to the hotel, the transportation is convenient, the rooms are great, service was good, this time to see television and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the talk show, curious to see it.
  • about
    Subway and Tiananmen Square, Wangfujing Street is nearby, and is a good place to see Tiananmen Square flag-raising, services, and environment, is the current physical access security, but also security. inadequacy is that the facilities are older, can't open the window air. air conditioning is very user-friendly, easy to regulate.
  • ascsccc
    Hotel location perfect, free to upgrade has luxury room, service attitude is good, room Chinese decoration, is facilities somewhat old, but losing luxury. has little insufficient is bed too small has, said is big bed room, but big bed is 1.4-meter wide of, now is general family with of also have is 1.8 meters wide of has. so personal thought somewhat and star hotel unworthy. other place also is compared intimate of, room also has fruit.
  • liars
    Nice environment! is more expensive: the next stay.
  • dfgdsgd
    First stay at the hotel as well as security measures and strict than the airport security is there important people staying, it is not clear, location and hotel facilities were excellent, highly recommended.
  • xwen16
    Easy easy easy easy easy easy easy easy
  • Carrie_tang
    Outside of the hotel facilities, others okay. air conditioning is not working.
  • davidleee
    In order to watch the flag went out, very convenient, rooms are beautiful and clean ... good choice.
  • garfield215
    Very good
  • barbara0610
    The price, the location, the absolute value, facilities are good in every respect, to Beijing will stay next time.
  • Alicediscover
    The sauna in the man section was broken, besides this the food and the accommodation was good as always
  • stone25140
    All right
  • claudiadudu
    The lobby space is too short, no other five-star hotel style, great service staff, from the Tiananmen Square near the hotel, travel and convenient transportation.
  • cuiji1981
    Overall pretty good, on the larger!
  • jilixin123
    Service was very good
  • bbs874
    With dad mother with to Beijing. Although yiqian also play has good times, but this main is wants to see about flag, so found has VIP floor. as a veteran five-star hotel, really of is worth recommended of. Metro very convenient, out Line 1 line C2 mouth, straight line after Beijing Hotel and Raffles Hotel is has. to Tiananmen Square walk also on ten minutes. because by with Wangfujing, chichuanyongdu so certainly is without worry of. Wangfujing Metro station also has a cartoon sold, to whichAlso on is convenient has. second days also to hotel three floor of even Gallery go has about, directly is can from Beijing Hotel of lobby out of, three Home Hotel is even up of. even Gallery in also has many fine of art, is worth see about. set of Premier between, room enough big, facilities is convenient, street is Palace, also can see North Sea of small TA. Although street but noise effect also is good, is are not noisy. staying second days is Dad of birthday, hotel front desk night also sent has eggCake, to parents of special delight, is worthy of five-star service, Oh., the hotel also has a swimming pool, is also a plus. anyway this weekend in Beijing could say big plus because of the Grand. Disadvantages: carpets, especially of the hotel rooms there is room in the corridor, it should be a good clean or replace.
  • a9vg2008
    Habit 5 minutes, because it is a foreign friend to, I've choose conveniently.
  • Jane00
    Good location, hotel facilities are antique, front desk attendant poor quality, a little fat, bespectacled, bad attitude, don't let him give you a lot!
  • buptxiaofei
    Location is good on in Palace side Shang, we in five floor window can saw Palace of roof, but around dinner of place not more, to go to Wangfujing is; facilities has year has, also is maintenance have good, only shortcomings is bathroom of spent sprinkled cannot took down child shower not convenient; front desk of service General has, distribution not Shang five-star, Beijing State shop are this features, many foreigners staying, on foreigners is is enthusiasm of; health good is clean.
  • rita1209
    Environment is also good, the old five-star, very close to Tiananmen Square, a 10-minute walk, with MOM and dad to watch the flag-raising is very convenient!
  • Fairy fishing
    Reserve deluxe room, like a double bed room, only double room, extra bed but also increased by 300 yuan a day. when they promised once when there is a twin room helped change, results of 3 nights did not wait.
  • bulescott
    Very good very good environment, good service, good price good location
  • AddisonLi
    Convenient, good location to Tiananmen Square, the forbidden city.
  • ccctt
    Good good
  • Stacey_lee
    Super good ~ very formal, staff didn't say, great! great! helps call car is very efficient, very good, very attentive service, to come to Beijing live
  • lawman2000
    Antique, very good! away from Tiananmen Square, Wangfujing Street is near! very nice
  • e01483465
    Closest hotel to Tiananmen Square, 10 minutes ' walk, Wangfujing, Beijing Hotel is in the next room, very convenient
  • cpuvirus
    Stay two nights. recently, each time the hotel was searched, lighters will reap, smoker was humbled. rising star the fun house for free, check fast check out at the front desk.
  • sebastian75
    It's too crowded
  • fatigue
    All right!
  • alonesatan
    Decoration with Chinese characteristics, Tiananmen Square, Wangfujing Street and very close to the subway. check back to us to free up room on the day, was pleased with the room.
  • aileen1314
    It's OK
  • mly77
    Location first-class, Wangfujing Metro station out ahead walk a minutes on to. Shang elevator need brush door card is security. decoration antique, but see of out facilities some old. health situation good, room is big, from window can see Palace. but really think shower of nozzle should for has, fixed in wall Shang is not convenient, and hydraulic also too big has, bath Shi flow rushed in body are pain.
  • AlEXwang1983
    Chinese style hotel, good location, almost panoramic location, service was good
  • bluemountain88
    Facility too old. price, price difference.
  • wincolee
    Hotel very clean, good service, right next to Tiananmen Square, not far is the pedestrian street, travel convenience, but eating is not easy
  • gaoyan8400
    Rooms are antique designs, but some are a bit dated. but the location is a perfect choice for travelers choose the forbidden city.
  • myconee
    Closest hotel to Tiananmen Square, walk to Tiananmen Square is very convenient, from Wangfujing is also very close to the very good location of the hotel. hotel room décor is very characteristic, bathroom very nice.
  • didibug
    Location is very good, facilities, services in General.
  • vecoss
    Was set of is Palace King between, staying Shi help I rose until luxury suite, hotel of location also special good ~ unfortunately of is hotel room corridor was has smoke taste, service quality can again strengthening Oh, I is Taiwan of visitors, for often out travel, live had many hotel, recommends can reference abroad hotel industry who of service content and attitude! has opportunities also is will select staying VIP floor hotel, looks forward to you of growth Oh _
  • IT workers
    The best
  • AngelaWu
    True, the hotel location is very good ... service was good, the hotel free upgrade. satisfaction
  • xiebeijing
    Hotel restaurant service very good! we had a lunch, the waiter was good! Second, the room service is good! my fingernails broken, call housekeeping, soon give me a nail Clipper. reception some bad, check out on the last day, we had a bag of snacks to forget, my Momma is so old that up and get, when service personnel can be heard because the pitch forgot to take a bag of snacks, but the first: there is no KingMoving said, sent waiter sent down, save elderly himself run. also didn't was told we, you hotel is can sent waiter sent down of. because we also with has two a children, which a only 10 months. second: I mother up Shi fundamental no people tips room has into not to has, and let she white run has two trip upstairs! we at is wants to, since himself forget has on himself up took's, don't trouble waiter has, but waiter is and no for guest consider? canIs used to receive VIP reception VIP floor, looked down upon us, the ordinary people, for guests don't want to put yourself in the shoes. will come later!
  • panpanmj
    Hotel really nearly away from Tiananmen Square, conveniently, is the decoration of the hotel is a bit old, bed was too small, overall okay.