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The Grand Hotel Beijing (Beijing Guibinlou Fandian),  a magnificent palace converted into a five-star hotel,  is located on a small street and almost appears from nowhere as you drive towards it. The building's traditional sweeps and dragon's tails contrast dramatically with the modern design trends sweeping the rest of Beijing.

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  • metoo0818
    Services decreased more than three years ago, management problems?
  • buptxiaofei
    Location is good on in Palace side Shang, we in five floor window can saw Palace of roof, but around dinner of place not more, to go to Wangfujing is; facilities has year has, also is maintenance have good, only shortcomings is bathroom of spent sprinkled cannot took down child shower not convenient; front desk of service General has, distribution not Shang five-star, Beijing State shop are this features, many foreigners staying, on foreigners is is enthusiasm of; health good is clean.
  • cebbobo
    Environment, away from all the main attractions.
  • paul_wl
    Clean distinctive, slightly warm the bathroom, the shower water was rude!
  • tgnirvana
    Facilities and environment of the hotel is very good, but didn't this room type booked twice, would approach the normal five-star hotels to upgrade, this does not upgrade you see fit ... ...
  • caiy5509
  • ace_allen
    Nice hotel
  • laijun7301
    Environment, food is too expensive, too expensive for breakfast!
  • bjxy76325
    The most satisfying is the location of the other passable. first, in room facilities significantly older, booking two rooms, one room with a toilet, shower doors, lights are a problem, with price and far from the star, won't stay is not recommended.
  • e00998853
    Air conditioning in the room is poor, rooms don't have air conditioning. later for a air-conditioned! old hotel
  • ddfstar
    2 times more... other hotels is not worth the view of the forbidden city from the room, still nice I think... in Wangfujing staff, recommend the most are for tourist purposes.
  • arrabbit
    And we think it's great.
  • leili281
    Super great! the classical style, the pool Boom Boom Boom
  • carolensminger
    Hotel location is good, walk to Wangfujing is 10 minutes around, walk to buy Palace 20 minutes around, walk to Tiananmen 10 minutes around, hotel service is good, especially that welcome bin of small guy and lobby of staff, is kind, hotel clean clean, air conditioning temperature adjustable of is good, is comfortable, insufficient of bathroom inside of shower nozzle the for for has, water not is good, water temperature not is good adjustable, live has 2 days Hou only touch points road, is easy was hot hot to or wasCold water spray to. addition reminded everyone a sentence, Wangfujing Street all of Daoxiang village are not you imagine of that 'Beijing Daoxiang village HA', everyone understand of HA! Wangfujing near only Beijing Daoxiang village of stores in lights mouth, seems is Daoxiang village of second sales, everyone can to Baidu about, signs Shang has subsection **, sales, addition also has three Wo logo, sales of pastry price basic are is Wangfujing there shop of half, electronic scales is formal!
    Good location, easy to travel ~ service great
  • blue00160016
    Which is very nice
  • beidi1978
    VIP floor hotel is old brand hotel, lots superior, room facilities very with China wind, is I to Beijing designed of permanent hotel. has two points not satisfaction: 1, and hotel bathroom spray got system too aging has, bath spray water not uniform, bathtub hot Shang have too slow! 2, and hotel network Shi sometimes no, serious effect e-commerce Exchange. Hotel Internet speed decided this hotel technology of level, VIP floor neglect information construction, is is not should of.
  • langsaili123
    Unable to figure out what VIP building grounds
  • canoe
    Breakfast is not included in the hotel is too boring
  • liusu3
    Very good, very satisfied
  • italytotti
    I feel pretty good, street, but good sound effects!
  • e01039393
    Major national events, pay attention to the road closure of martial law news
  • laputar_tb
    Very comfortable very good service very good very good
  • cpjerry
    Service improvement
  • cxm7304
    Hotel antique, Ju is also very good around, is the thing in the room is a bit old, overall good! go to Tiananmen Square, suitable for small friends.
  • girljuejue
    The geographical position is superior, Wangfujing, Tiananmen Square on the right to the left, is a few minutes away! the only unfortunate room facilities some old! if people bathe in the upper room on the water from the low, reflected to the staff, to no avail!
  • ibeauty
    See surprises in those years Super RA
  • abing
    Hotel facilities, and clean, the service is also very good, I stayed in two rooms for a free upgrade
  • rorange
    Hotel is beautiful, the rooms are nice, but Dyke swarms of old
  • awuwu
    Old star is very good, from the Tiananmen Square near
  • coco19860614
    Address handy, also many hotels,
  • jialongwu
    Hotel is a bit old, a face-lift now! not bad money. in addition to the forbidden city and Wangfujing Street. There is no advantage at all.
  • crescendo123
    Environment no said, window is Palace, unfortunately management not too good, is staying, which a between room to 34 also didn't got room, said is clean not finished. Midway asked was told two minutes Hou reply, results in room, has is long are no reply, downstairs to counter asked, counter only again to with rooms Department confirmed. victims have a home people squeeze a room rest, son too noisy, parents are no approach lunch break. live have eight floor, room toilet has odor. to I left, no heatingNo air conditioning, very cold this morning. when a staff member well, we transferred to the room on the same floor.
  • gl830905
    Location did not have to say, is a little old.
  • beyoujing
    Hotel room than the old location, good service!
  • e00059967
    Hotel is great, service is good, from Tiananmen Square is near. 10 minutes by walk.
  • ericdong
    From the rooms you can see the forbidden city, which I find very meaningful, early in the morning and evening of the forbidden city is really beautiful. which style of decoration of the room also make people feel very comfortable, very quiet at night, you can sleep comfortably. worth living.
  • andrewge
    With my parents travel. the hotel location is very good, very quiet street. nice and convenient. recommended!
  • !!!!!!!
    Very powerful hotel, the third floor has a surprise, went to Tiananmen Square flag-raising is a few steps away, sitting in the room can enjoy morning and sunset of the forbidden city and Tiananmen Square, Wangfujing, very happy!
  • tiffanylin
    Hotel is very old, in addition to decorate liberation period style?, there is nothing to say.
  • loveliusun
    Very convenient, in Chang an Street, Wangfujing Street on the edge, it is suitable for a family holiday. the room can see the forbidden city.
  • maggie810418
    Good, old brands, environmental services are very good!
  • e01206054
    Free upgrade of the room did not have to feel it, pick the right Tiananmen Square left Wangfujing great affordable
  • e00137886
    Quite classic facilities, good location, convenient to the Tiananmen Square, the forbidden city or Wangfujing! patience, good attitude of staff at the front desk! although only stayed one night, but very comfortable.
  • orion41
  • fujitang
    Room very good, environment is also very good,!
  • alainduroy
    Free upgrade to the forbidden city view room, very good, good good.
  • f1156
    Location, location or location, for me, is the preferred location. Services good, front desk receptionist very kind. facilities are acceptable, but not satisfied with Mrs rooms smell of smoke is too big ... crazy.
  • fcwryule
    Because it is a five-star hotel in Chang ' an avenue and Wangfujing and near Tiananmen Square, say no more! but fruit and drinks?
  • Candice-liu
    In the Imperial Palace on the edge of Nice. original is a Deluxe, front desk has two large and one small, reminding only 1.5 meters and fare increase to the garden suite, the price cheaper than the forbidden city-view room, but after feeling better than the forbidden city view room, spacious living room, balcony, looking Hotel Atrium garden.