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The Grand Hotel Beijing (Beijing Guibinlou Fandian),  a magnificent palace converted into a five-star hotel,  is located on a small street and almost appears from nowhere as you drive towards it. The building's traditional sweeps and dragon's tails contrast dramatically with the modern design trends sweeping the rest of Beijing.

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  • jimjimjim
    Bigger than the picture of the room, indoor antique, bathroom spacious and overall good service, location near Wangfujing, shopping is the fruit collection letter sent three times before, is not feeling very well.
  • go2000
    Home to several old people with old people attend the forbidden city tour is a good choice
  • ouyanglinnan
    Old hotel, nice, effect of noise is bad
  • cwj_jenny
    Okay, it is a bit outdated facilities, nice, travel facilitation
  • xiebeijing
    Hotel restaurant service very good! we had a lunch, the waiter was good! Second, the room service is good! my fingernails broken, call housekeeping, soon give me a nail Clipper. reception some bad, check out on the last day, we had a bag of snacks to forget, my Momma is so old that up and get, when service personnel can be heard because the pitch forgot to take a bag of snacks, but the first: there is no KingMoving said, sent waiter sent down, save elderly himself run. also didn't was told we, you hotel is can sent waiter sent down of. because we also with has two a children, which a only 10 months. second: I mother up Shi fundamental no people tips room has into not to has, and let she white run has two trip upstairs! we at is wants to, since himself forget has on himself up took's, don't trouble waiter has, but waiter is and no for guest consider? canIs used to receive VIP reception VIP floor, looked down upon us, the ordinary people, for guests don't want to put yourself in the shoes. will come later!
  • Fairy fishing
    Reserve deluxe room, like a double bed room, only double room, extra bed but also increased by 300 yuan a day. when they promised once when there is a twin room helped change, results of 3 nights did not wait.
  • cpuvirus
    Stay two nights. recently, each time the hotel was searched, lighters will reap, smoker was humbled. rising star the fun house for free, check fast check out at the front desk.
  • e01695222
    Location is very good, service or facilities is a little bit old
  • nicolesdn
    After the security management, out of inconvenience ... because we all know
  • dingleidinglei
    Very good, was very close to Tiananmen Square
  • vecoss
    Was set of is Palace King between, staying Shi help I rose until luxury suite, hotel of location also special good ~ unfortunately of is hotel room corridor was has smoke taste, service quality can again strengthening Oh, I is Taiwan of visitors, for often out travel, live had many hotel, recommends can reference abroad hotel industry who of service content and attitude! has opportunities also is will select staying VIP floor hotel, looks forward to you of growth Oh _
  • eveningtea
    Good location out of Wangfujing, a five-minute walk out to the left to the right five minutes line Line 1 subway Tiananmen Dong a day early to attend a 15-minute walk out after reading about 4:30 to six sleeping-hotel the hotel facility slightly old no disposable slippers are a little inconvenient but pinches into the hotel security lobby very small seats rarely anyway nice
  • aaronyang1986
    Environment fabulous! room thought small! results a look! super! three of us lay comfortably! toilet colors so beautiful! anyway to live here in Beijing in the future ~
  • ambregao
    Unique location, the device is too old, the hardware can use old describe
  • argentwonder
    Without breakfast is boring
  • djwang1023
    Good location and convenient meeting
  • lucy0059
    Like, the next time you come to live here! Watch the flag, particularly convenient haha
  • dd698102
    Very good
  • alila
    Older style traditional
  • alfonso2004
    Very good hotel, very clean, location is very convenient and saves a lot of traffic time, next time will choose five-star hotel in the old
  • aaa135
    Is nice
  • awaygarnet
    Big, great, definitely worth staying
  • nynama
    Excellent location, very close to Tiananmen Square, Wangfujing, facilities and services are also very good, recommend, high culture than in this comparison, it is worth staying.
    Which is very nice
  • lulujx
    Good, very good, very good. high-star hotels closest to Tiananmen Square is Friday night when air conditioning in the room was broken, the hotel without saying anything for a suite, managing the six stars.
  • CFire
    Very good location, away from Wangfujing, Tiananmen Square is very close, is an ideal open spaces visit the Imperial City, and the antique, is quite distinctive, and have a variety of room types to choose from, is recommended.
    The surrounding area of the hotel, hotel facilities very shy ... ...
  • tiexin
    The old building
  • wincolee
    Hotel very clean, good service, right next to Tiananmen Square, not far is the pedestrian street, travel convenience, but eating is not easy
  • bdlinn
    In the middle of the Chang an Street, the forbidden city, Tiananmen Square, the National Museum, good services to improve, especially front desk is no 5 star hotel standard.
  • jlwuli
    Should say good live in rooms of the Palace can be seen, except beyond the higher prices, others are satisfied with. If you want to bring children to watch the flag-raising ceremony this morning, is indeed a good choice, but should be next to the Beijing Hotel is expensive.
  • liuyincong
    Closest hotel to Tiananmen! if you are with children attend is a very good choice, walk past 6 years old children 10 minutes. along the hotel side of the sidewalk do not cross the road, attend the position quite well! the hotel front desk staff very helpful, detailed hotel catering! breakfast good!
  • liuguirong5791
    You can also
  • ponney
    Chose this hotel mainly to attend, other are not important. What does actually start on the service without hope, Oh, but on this occasion the hotel the staff were satisfied with the service and attitude are very good, each time greeted us in and out of the hotel were very polite.
  • florencecwy
    Nice hotel, supporting a little
  • lawman2000
    Antique, very good! away from Tiananmen Square, Wangfujing Street is near! very nice
  • Aivic
    Just for the sake of convenience, old hotel, but really isn't a five-star
  • anandy
    Which is very nice
    Which is very nice
  • gaojyxindiul
    Hotel location really good, in Metro station Wangfujing export C1 out to West through Beijing Hotel again go a on to has away from Tiananmen walk more than 10 minutes on to has is very convenient da, haha this staying is happy OH hotel facilities some year has but roughly also is is satisfaction da, I travel most care da is bathroom environment, VIP floor hotel of facilities old is old but but not broken, and live eight floor water also is big Oh, only not too beauty of is spent sprinkledIs fixed in wall Shang of, if can picked Xia's with on better has this is we a three mouth with mother-in-law to of, is convenient. way said out wine left turn has a had car of channel to Wangfujing is is convenient, roadside also has a State breakfast shop, because set of room not containing breakfast, we this travel daily breakfast are in that eat of, really good Oh. next to Beijing also live here too convenient has!
  • ascsccc
    Hotel location perfect, free to upgrade has luxury room, service attitude is good, room Chinese decoration, is facilities somewhat old, but losing luxury. has little insufficient is bed too small has, said is big bed room, but big bed is 1.4-meter wide of, now is general family with of also have is 1.8 meters wide of has. so personal thought somewhat and star hotel unworthy. other place also is compared intimate of, room also has fruit.
  • jgb5267
    Very nice hotel, very good location, recommended
  • jenniferbing
    Grand Hotel is a well-deserved reputation, good experience.
  • delpiero0920
    Old hotel, good location, hotel premium, room only so-so. to look at, choose view rooms, floor to ceiling Windows make the landscape look good.
  • peter Lui
  • id1997
    One can see the forbidden city, great traffic location, Xiao Bao loves swimming pool is clean, she also sent a birthday cake, surprise! hotel the staff were very friendly, management is very good Oh?
  • balbc
    Value for money is very good!
  • wangyun1007
    Family travel, traffic is very convenient ... hotel facilities are good.
  • e00013553
    Very good location , But very bad for the internet access.